Animelliis Limited "Bunny Meets Marshmellii" SCENTED Slow Rising Squishy Charm
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Marshmelli is exploring the world! In every little place they discover little animals like themselves called animellils! Meet cute fluffy rabbit today! This is the first collection of animelli. This edition is super rare and limited. 

- Licensed by Creamiicandy x Puni Maru

- Small size.

- Great texture and details;

- Comes with original packaging and a ball chain & dust plug

- Sweet fruity scented.

❤Super squishy! Slow rising!!!

Size:6 cm /2.7 inch
Color and Style : As shown

*Please not all of our items are high quality products. All items are sold as received. Because squishies are made of special materials and made to be textured, it’s natural that the items may have minor manufacturing flaws. But this doesn't affect the whole look and function.

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