【Glow In the Dark!】GIGANTIC Pearly Peach Scented Squishy, BIGGEST Squishy Ever!
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Must Read Description:  Must Read Description for "Glow In the Dark" Instructions


This gigantic peach squishy is super realistic! Squishing this huge squishy makes you feel working out, because it's super super jumbo! Almost 9.5 x 9.5 inch! You can even use it as a "pillow"!

*This peach can also glow in the dark after exposure under the light!

How to make this gigantic peach glow in the dark? Please read the instruction here: Put the peach under the light (Home lights/Light bulbs/Lamps) , illuminating the peach for 2-3 hours first, and then it'll become glow in the dark! If the peach doesn't glow in the dark after few times of use, lighting it again!

Limited in stock.

- Comes with unique Packaging.

- Gigantic!

- Great texture and details.

- Sweet scented.

- Shimmery.

Super squishy and soft! Slow rising!

Size: approx. 9.5 inch
Color and Style : As shown

*Please not all of our items are high quality products. All items are sold as received. Because squishies are made of special materials and made to be textured, it’s natural that the items may have minor manufacturing flaws. But this doesn't affect the whole look and function.

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